5 Ways to Dress Up a Concrete Patio with Dallas TX Artificial Grass

concrete patio artificial grass

Concrete is a popular patio material for a reason. It’s cheap, easy to install and a breeze to maintain. However, it has a tendency to look cold and uninspiring. There are several things you can do to dress up a concrete patio that will make your backyard look fantastic, starting with Dallas TX artificial grass!

  • 1. Green Up Your Patio with Synthetic Grass

    A new layer of high-quality Dallas TX artificial grass brings an element of dynamic green color and softness you won’t find anywhere else.

    It’s a fantastic addition to any concrete patio because you don’t have to water it, you can sweep or hose it clean as needed and you’ll love how comfortable you feel walking barefoot across the surface.

  • 2. Cool Your Concrete Patio with a Water Feature

    Whether you opt for a wall-mounted fountain, a freestanding unit you fill with pretty pebbles or a bubbling urn you place in the midst of your patio garden, you’ll love having water flowing near your concrete patio.

    Not only does it add a calming element to the space, it also creates a cooling effect you’ll appreciate on hot summer days.

    Want to maximize that natural look? Surround your water feature with Dallas TX artificial turf. The built-in drainage system means you won’t have to worry about mud or standing water and you can run your fountain for hours without fear of water damage.

  • 3. Plant an Oriental Garden for a Zen Vibe

    Oriental gardens evoke images of ancient mythology and serenity you won’t find anywhere else. They also work so well with concrete because it complements the style’s minimalist aesthetics.

    You don’t need to spend a fortune to adorn your patio with this type of garden. For instance, pick plants like bamboo you can use to create a rustic fence or an inviting path. Arrange decorative stones throughout the area and place a simple bench in one corner.

    Don’t forget to cover the patio with Dallas TX artificial turf to minimize noise and give you a soft surface you can walk on with bare feet.

  • 4. Add Shade to Your Concrete Patio with a Gazebo

    A traditional gazebo is a fantastic addition you can use to dress up a concrete patio you aren’t particularly fond of.

    You’ll love how you can relax on your gazebo’s bench and you’ll have plenty of room for a table and chairs where you can eat outdoors or hold a party for friends and family members you want to impress.

    Additionally, your gazebo can be as intricate or as simple as you like. Common gazebo materials include wood you can stain or paint to your liking, metal you can powder coat in a bold color you adore and plastic you can use to create a gazebo you could swear is made of stone.

  • 5. Combine Concrete with Wood, Rocks and Other Decorative Hardscape

    If you want your new patio to be both functional and stylish, you can’t go wrong by adding different decorative hardscape throughout the space.

    For instance, add wood elements like a pretty fence or railings you can use to create a charming look you’ll enjoy coming home to each day.

    You can also incorporate gravel pathways framed by artificial grass leading up to the patio for a sensory path. Love the look of brick? Use it as the base material for a fire pit or for a walkway near your patio.

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