Flood-Proof Landscaping: How Dallas, TX Artificial Grass Can Prevent Yard Flooding

Are you tired of dealing with the ominous overflow of stormwater in your yard during the rainy season? It is high time to stop that nuisance by installing the best drainage solution for your flood-prone landscape—Dallas, TX artificial grass!

Besides perfecting the natural look and feel of synthetic grass, expert installers also ensure that all turf installed comes with a high-caliber drainage system. This is what prevents rainwater from pooling into your yard, submerging your lawn and entering your home.

There are tactics to consider when installing Flood-Proof Landscaping. Swales, Rain gardens, Downspout diverters are some of the working tactics to fight against flooding.

Despite being exposed to dire conditions, high quality synthetic turf still retains its lush appearance without a single blade displaced. Learn more about why it is the perfect answer to your flood-prone outdoor space below.

How Dallas, TX Artificial Grass Can Prevent Yard Flooding

Why Synthetic Turf Is the Best Solution for Your Flood Problems

As the storms hit, many homeowners brace themselves for the destructive consequences of heavy rainfall on their property. But not if you have the Dallas, TX artificial turf covering your yard! Here’s how it protects your lawn during extreme weather conditions:

It Has an Efficient Draining Structure

Yard flooding usually happens when there’s a slope or dip in your yard. To avoid water pooling, installers will flatten out any slopes in your lawn before designing a drainage system. It would direct water towards a roadside ditch or main street drainage.

It Is Made of Porous and Waterproof Materials

Natural turf can absorb rainwater but only to a certain extent. During a heavy downpour, their soil can oversaturate and start eroding your soil and flooding your lawn.

On the other hand, synthetic turf percolates water faster than natural grass due to the waterproof blades and porous backing. This also prevents mold and bacteria from forming between the blades.

Additionally, Dallas, Tx artificial grass contains a durable plastic material called polyethylene and a strong thatch layer that allows blades to recover their original structure and appearance after rain or snow exposure.

It Has a High-Quality Backing Mesh

After the water runs off the waterproof blades, it will be directed into a high-quality latex-coated backing mesh. Then seeped into its perforated holes. The water will then flow into a stable draining base or water table underneath your turf, which can drain water for years to come.

The backing mesh also holds down the blades, securing them to avoid being washed away by flash floods or running water.

Good Infill Materials

Companies specializing in artificial grass installation in Dallas, TX, know that flood-prone landscapes need the most permeable aggregates as their sub-base infill material (limestone, crushed granite). These materials can handle excessive water penetration, preventing a flooded-out yard.

Installers can also choose to build exit basins or French drains to mitigate flooding during intense rainfalls.

Solve Your Yard Problems With the Best Artificial Grass Near You!

Ensure the safety of your family and property during storms with the best synthetic turf. Make sure to employ trusted installation companies to guarantee a safe and functional turf for your backyard.

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