5 Outdoor Holiday Games to Play on Dallas TX Artificial Turf!

Your Dallas TX artificial turf is ready for the holidays! Well, it’s ready for anything all year long, really.

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, hosting a casual BBQ or having a Christmas get-together, it’s nice to have an area where people can socialize without worrying about the grass getting stained or torn up.

Artificial Grass holiday season

But today, we’re all about holiday outdoor games! They’re perfect on a synthetic lawn, because not only is it soft and lush, but it also cushions trips and falls better than real grass does. Plus, there’s no mud, bugs or dirt to worry about. Only good times and memories with your friends and family!

You’ll need some props and equipment for some of these games, so might want to plan ahead. For others, all you need is a bit of chalk and players and you’re good to go.

Whichever games you choose from our list, everyone’s sure to have a-rockin’ time. Let’s get started!

1. Candy Bag Toss

This is an oldie but goodie! All you need to play is a bunch of small bags and upended plastic containers like buckets. Players stand behind the container and try to get their bag in it for points.

Give it a holiday twist by painting the container’s festive colors and filling the bags with candies!

2. Poppin’ Race in artificial turf

Divide your players into two teams and assign each team a pre-measured section of your synthetic yard, like an end zone. Use chalk to divide the lawn into two separate areas.

The first player on each team then runs through the artificial grass with a balloon between their ankles while the other players aim to pop it.

Once they do so, that player must drop out of the game and let another teammate take their place until all teammates have finished. The first team to have their entire squad complete wins.

Fun Tip: Get into the holiday theme by using green and red balloons, then fill them with some glitters for sparkle when they pop!

3. Gift Stacking Race

This game is sure to get your guests in the holiday spirit! Divide players into two teams and give each player a wrapped present. Have one team line up at the start, with players holding onto their presents.

The first player on each team must then race across the lawn to the finish line (see where you’ve marked off) and put their present down. Then, they must run back, tag the next player, who will run and stack their present atop the first one. The first team to stack all of their presents (without falling) wins!

4. Christmas Pong

This fun twist on a classic will have everyone feeling more cheery than usual! Instead of beer, fill the cups with Christmas punch. Give each player some ping pong balls (or small bells) and have them try to land them in their opponent’s cups.

Grown-Up Version: Use holiday cocktails like warm mulled wine or Eggnog.

Don’t worry about spills, since they’ll drain straight through Dallas TX artificial grass! Just hose down the play area afterward to clean it off.

5. Human Christmas Tree

What’s better than a decked-out Christmas tree? A live, giggling, human version, of course! Set up teams and have them choose one person to become the “tree.” Set up a table and put out a bunch of decorations. Don’t forget to assign judges who are not part of the game.

Require the human trees to stand up straight with their hands raised above them like branches. Let everyone go crazy decorating, then let the judges decide who wins!

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