What Makes Artificial Grass Installation in Dallas, TX Weather-Resistant?

Harsh weather such as heavy rainfall, snow and intense sun can be extremely punishing to a natural lawn. In many cases, it can make your lawn sick or kill it altogether. If you’re considering artificial grass installation in Dallas, TX, you may be wondering how well it can stand up to various weather conditions.

The quick answer is, way better than natural turf grass. In fact, once you switch to artificial grass, you almost never have to worry about weather-related lawn issues again.

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Weather-Resistant Qualities of Artificial Grass

If the weather in your area keeps messing with your natural lawn, it’s time to consider a more permanent solution. Consider the weather-resistant qualities of artificial turf grass:

1. Artificial grass can withstand a lot of heat.

Each part of Dallas, TX artificial turf is designed to help it stand up to the harshest weather conditions. For instance, the blades are UV-treated so they won’t melt or catch fire even during the hottest Texas summers. They won’t dry out or devolve into bare and brown spots either, unlike real grass.

2. Synthetic turf is waterproof with a built-in drainage system.

Furthermore, high quality synthetic turf comes with a porous backing. This means no amount of rainfall can drown synthetic grass. It won’t become a muddy, flooded mess that usually happens in natural lawns.

Instead, what happens is that the water goes straight through the drainage system down to the water table. As a result, not only does it prevent floods and puddles, but it dries out your lawn much faster than real grass can.

3. You don’t have to winterize it.

While we rarely experience heavy snowfall here in North Texas, it’s still good to know that it won’t really bother your artificial turf lawn.

However, it’s good practice to not let snow pile up on synthetic grass, because it can turn to ice and freeze the fibers. When this happens, the turf blades can break. Simply remove packed snow using a plastic shovel to prevent this from happening. Otherwise, just let the snow melt and turf’s drainage system will take of it.

4. Artificial grass can support hardscape for greater weather-proofing.

Installing hardscape on your lawn will also help protect it from the elements. Quality artificial grass can accommodate most types of hardscape. This includes stone pathways, brick walls, wooden fences and more. You can also integrate synthetic grass products with xeriscaping to weather-proof your backyard further.

Artificial Grass Installation in Dallas TX: For Durable, Long-Lasting Lawns

Artificial grass in Dallas, TX will get rid of all seasonal lawn maintenance chores on your list. Turf’s weather-resistant quality doesn’t apply to backyards alone, either. It provides the same protection to synthetic putting greens, synthetic grass for dogs in Dallas, an artificial sports field, commercial synthetic turf and more.

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