Turf Backing: The Secret Ingredient to Durable Artificial Grass in Dallas

When considering artificial grass for your Dallas home or property, one aspect often overlooked is the turf’s backing system. Lurking out of sight under the lush green blades lies an intricate layer of material that plays a huge role in securing your artificial grass investment.

Properly understanding backing systems allows you to choose durable, high-performance artificial turf guaranteed to impress and serve you for over a decade. 

What Exactly Is an Artificial Grass Backing System?

Backing refers to the layers of material fused to the underside of artificial grass carpet. Quality backings are meticulously designed, featuring advanced technology to deliver stability, shape retention, and optimal draining capacity.

The backing grips the turf foundation, ensuring your artificial lawn retains its vibrant appearance year after year. It also allows rainwater and spilled liquids to quickly permeate through instead of pooling on the surface.

Understanding the Crucial Importance of Backing in Artificial Grass - dallas

Various Types of Backing Systems

Several backing options exist for artificial turf products. Becoming familiar with the pros and cons of each empowers you to determine which works best for your unique needs and expectations.

Urethane Backings

Urethane-based backings involve coated layers of the versatile, durable polymer urethane. In addition to exemplary drainage capabilities, urethane backings provide unmatched protection against extreme Texas weather.

They also deliver impressive dimensional stability, keeping the grass blades upright even when pets, children, and heavy activity relentlessly flatten them. Urethane backings are housed by many premium artificial turf products, although usually at a higher price point.

Secondary Backings

Secondary backings involve a permeable layer added underneath the primary backing for extra reinforcement. Typically made of durable, woven Polypropylene fabric, secondary backings further bolster the turf’s strength and shape retention abilities.

Anti-Microbial Backings

As the name suggests, anti-microbial backings resist mold, bacteria, and microbes. Infusing silver ions and antimicrobial agents throughout the materials prevents foul-smelling mildew and other microbial buildup within the turf foundation. This keeps your lawn fresher for longer while eliminating health hazards.

Why Choosing Quality Backing Is Crucial

Installing artificial grass with flimsy backing often leads to premature failure and costly repairs or replacement. Investing in advanced backing technology may cost more upfront, but saves you money over time through exceptional durability.

Here’s why quality backing is well worth it:

Enhanced Longevity

Sturdy backings anchor your artificial turf securely for 10-15 years of vibrant beauty through intense weathering, heavy foot traffic, and rigorous activity from children and pets.

Reliable Drainage

Quality backings instantly channel rain, spillage, and irrigation water down through the turf into the porous crushed stone subsurface beneath. This keeps your lawn comfy and usable year-round while preventing soggy messes.

Dimensional Stability

No matter how much flattening the blades endure, strong backings bounce them right back to attention. You enjoy pristine uniformity and beauty at all times.

Healthier Environment

Antimicrobial and odor-fighting backings deter bacteria and smelly mildew growth within the turf foundation. Your lawn stays fresh and clean for decades with minimal upkeep.

How to Choose Quality Artificial Grass Backing

With this knowledge under your belt, you’re ready to select exceptional artificial grass backed by the latest turf technology. Seek the following signs of durable backings during the research and purchase process:

Thicker Fabric

Look for 10-15 ounces of fabric per square yard of turf. Sturdy, tightly-woven material won’t fray or unravel from weather and activity over time.

Perforations Throughout

Tiny perforated holes across the backing fabric allows quick drainage while retaining remarkable durability.

Odor Fighting Claims

Antimicrobial infused backings prevent the stinky mildew and bacteria buildup plaguing lesser quality turf.

Let’s Start Below The Surface

At Dallas Artificial Grass Experts, we carry the area’s top brand names featuring durable and antimicrobial backings designed to impress in the challenging Dallas climate. Contact us today or call us at 469-224-5879 to learn more – we will guide you to the perfect high-performance solution for your unique landscape vision and needs.