Telltale Signs It’s Time for You to Move on from Live to Synthetic Grass

A lush, green, and perfectly mowed lawn is an aspiration for many homeowners out there. Why not? It’s relaxing, pleasing to look at, and increases the property value through its curb appeal. Keeping it all looking perfect requires a lot of maintenance and hard work, though.

All that work turns off many homeowners from natural grass lawns. Often, weather conditions make it impossible to get the lush green look they want, even if they hire professional gardeners. The recent spate of droughts in states like California and Texas, for example, are a clear testament to this dilemma.

When you go up against nature’s forces like that, it becomes a futile attempt, not to mention a costly one. In the end, the homeowner usually just opts to leave the lawn as it is, which makes it difficult to revive once the weather improves.

If you’ve been feeling conflicted about maintaining your lawn then getting synthetic grass could be a choice you should start to seriously consider looking into. Here are some signs that point to this possibility.

Your Water Consumption is Sky-High

Lawn owners know this all too well. What starts out as an exciting adventure in the wonderful world of lush, rolling lawns easily turn to a nightmare once the realization of how much it costs to maintain one finally hits home.

Government studies show that each person can use as much as 80 to 100 gallons of water every single day. If you are from a household of five, this means you can easily rack up as much as 500 gallons on the daily. Outdoor use, meanwhile, has been pegged to rack up as much as 2 gallons every single minute. If you consider just how much water you’ll have to run on a regular basis so you can keep lawns lush and green, you’ll see why it’s much better to switch to synthetic instead.

You Want to Cut Costs on Lawn Maintenance

You will need fertilizer to keep the soil healthy and primed for growing grass and other plants, and also use pesticides to keep insects at bay. All these chemicals cost money and may compromise your family’s safety as well as pollute the environment.

But even with all these chemicals, severe weather may still prevent you from getting the healthy lawn that you want–unless you go for artificial grass, that is.

You Want to Expand Your Lawn

You need considerable yard space to grow a natural grass lawn. If you choose to use rooftop spaces, you need a strong structure to support the weight of the soil the grass needs to grow on.

The obvious benefit of working with synthetic grass is that it’s much lighter and very easy to install. You can use small spaces and not be worried about maintenance or install on rooftops without having to worry about having to strengthen the supports. This allows you to have a lawn that stays green throughout the year in your property even without lot of free yard space.

This is also a great alternative for those who have pets living with them but do not have the lawn to let them freely run and play about. If not, you can simply get a small patch to use for their potty training. Since indoor gardens are a huge trend nowadays as well, you can also use the synthetic turf to “carpet” a section of your house just to break the monotony of structure. Just make sure to plan the location carefully so you don’t end up using premium space you could have better use for.

Installers such as Dallas Artificial Grass Experts can help you decide and set up your artificial lawn in no time. Seek a consultation first so you can determine the best course of action for you to take.


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