Looking to Make Your Home Greener and More Inviting? Consider Using Synthetic Grass on Your Yard

Every homeowner dreams of a greener and more vibrant outdoor space. While the desire to get a little closer to nature is strong, that patch of greenery comes with a lot of chores many would rather not have to deal with. This is why instead of using natural grass, you should seriously think about using synthetic grass instead.

Synthetic or artificial grass looks just like natural grass but without all the headaches of regular maintenance natural lawns require. It doesn’t require any mowing or trimming at all. Not to mention, it comes with warranties of eight to 15 years so it’s a good investment.

You’ll also be glad to know that this type of grass can stay nice and green all year round. In fact, you wouldn’t even need to put any chemicals on it just to keep it lush. At the same time, artificial grass also already comes with a drainage system so that any water or liquid spilled on it would just dry easily. And because they don’t need soil, they don’t get muddy at all – no more worries about feet and paws tracking mud all over the house.

That said, there are many ways that you can use artificial grass around your home. Here are some of the most popular residential applications of artificial turf:


It’s no surprise that you put a lot of pride and importance on your yard. In fact, as much as 75 percent of Americans have said they feel it’s quite important to spend some time in their own yards.

When designing your yard, you can look at some landscape design magazines for inspiration. Ultimately though, it’s always going to be about what you envision for it and what purpose you would like it to serve. For instance, if you and your spouse want to be able to walk out and smell the flowers in the morning, you can set up some potted flowers in the area soon as the artificial grass has been installed. On the other hand, if you happen to have a swimming pool, you can also surround it with artificial grass so that you would have something soft to walk on with your bare feet after a swim.

Meanwhile, don’t just think about the backyard. Make sure you include your front yard in your design plans too. You can use artificial grass to decorate your walkway.


If you have a good amount of space, it’s a good idea to put a patio in your backyard. The moment artificial grass is installed, all you have to do is decorate the area with some outdoor furniture. Just make sure that it is facing the right direction so that in case you put in a fireplace, it doesn’t always get blown out by the wind.

Play Area

Especially if you have small children, you can use installed artificial grass as a surface to build a play area on. This material is especially perfect for this purpose since it is made with FallSoft technology that provides much needed cushioning and protection against any impact from more than five feet. This greatly helps in reducing any risk to serious injuries while at play.

Dog Play Area

If you happen to have some dogs in the family, artificial grass also happens to be the perfect material to build a dog play area with. Unlike on natural grass, you dogs can’t get themselves into any trouble here. They can’t dig holes or create any bare or yellow patches on the grass. The drainage system on artificial grass allows urine to drain right through. On the other hand, any waste they make can just be hosed away easily.

Consider these ideas as you think about how you want to have artificial grass installed around your home. If you want, you can actually make separate projects with it. Perhaps, start with the front yard before working your way towards the backyard. Ask your family for some input too. For sure, your children would have some special ideas on how you can put artificial grass outside your home to good use.


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