How to Make a Dallas, TX Artificial Grass Lawn Feel More Secluded

Privacy Design Tips for Artificial Grass Lawns

Want to take your morning coffee out onto your yard and not have your neighbors breathing down your neck as soon as you step outside? Start by installing Dallas, TX artificial grass, then try one or more of the tips below.

Why Not Grow Natural Grass Instead?

It’s more difficult to ensure privacy in natural lawns than in artificial lawns. Here’s why:

Grass Doesn’t Do Well in the Shade

Most grasses need at least four hours of direct sunlight every day to stay healthy. If your grass is growing in the shade of a fence or barrier, it can suffer from:

  • Stunted growth
  • Diseased growth (especially if damp)
  • Weeds and other unwanted growths

Natural grass also requires a lot of upkeep, including regular watering and mowing. And if you’re growing your grass next to or flush against a fence or barrier, the barrier will interfere with your ability to care for it effectively.

Grass Upkeep Attracts Nosy Neighbors

Natural grass requires a lot of upkeep, such as mowing, watering and weeding. The problem is that these tasks can attract nosy neighbors who are always on the hunt for an opportunity to snoop around and see what’s going on in your yard.

Privacy Benefits of Dallas, TX Artificial Turf

When you want to add artificial grass to your home, you don’t have to worry about the privacy of your family. Here’s why:

Artificial Grass Muffles Sound

Privacy isn’t just about making sure you have undisturbed conversations—it’s also about ensuring no one can hear your conversations.

Artificial grass is a great sound insulator. That means it will keep sounds in your yard from being too loud and disturbing neighbors,which is a huge benefit if you live close to them.

Likewise, synthetic grass will keep noises from outside your lawn from bothering you when you’re relaxing outdoors.

Turf Installers Can Help You Ensure Privacy

Artificial grass installers can help you come up with a lawn layout plan that will keep your family’s activities private from nosy neighbors and passersby.

For example, they can install synthetic turf in shady areas where real grass won’t grow. This makes it easy for you to hide away a play area or garden shed from peering eyes.

Expert installers can also put artificial grass flush against fences and walls. So you don’t have to hold back from setting them up around your lawn.

How to Increase Privacy in Artificial Lawns

Want to make your artificial lawn more private? Check out these creative ideas that will make your space feel secluded.

Use Privacy Screens

Privacy screens are like fences, but more portable. They come in different shapes and sizes, and some types can even accommodate vines and hanging plants. You can move them around your lawn and get as much privacy as you need.

Artificial grass is tough, so you can set up privacy screens on top of the turf without damaging it.

Create an L-Shaped Space

This is a great way to maximize privacy while still having a large area of grass that you can lounge on, play games on or even throw parties on.

This technique makes it so you only have one side of your yard exposed to passersby. There’s still plenty of room for fun and relaxation—but no one can look in!

Install Dallas, TX artificial grass to give the space a soft, lush groundcover that doubles as a sound muffler.

Use Tall Plants

Planting evergreen trees and shrubs along the back of your lawn will help keep out prying eyes. You can also use other types of tall plants such as bamboo or bushes to create a privacy barrier between you and your neighbors.

Feel free to place flower pots and planters on top of artificial grass. You can also ask your turf installer to leave out spaces in the installation for any plants you plan to grow in the future.

Build an Artificial Grass Hedge

Instead of opting for a living plant, consider installing an artificial grass hedge instead. Not only will it look great from day one, but it’ll only need minimal upkeep to stay in great shape.

As far as privacy goes, artificial grass hedges are incredibly effective at blocking the view of anyone passing by.

Get a Pergola and Hang Drapes

A pergola is an overhead structure that can be used to help maintain a sense of openness in your backyard while providing shade and protection from the elements.

You can hang drapes on them to add an additional layer of privacy. Drapes are also excellent for blocking out light and sound. Lay down artificial grass under your pergola to help the area block out sound better.

Let Plants Climb Up a Trellis

Plants are a fantastic way to provide shade and block wind from blowing through your yard. They also provide privacy because they obscure people’s views of your yard with their leaves or branches.

Let plants climb up a trellis or other high structures for extra privacy. Laying down artificial grass around the trellis doesn’t just give the structure a lush groundcover. It also ensures the plants won’t have to compete to get nutrients from the ground like they would with natural grass.

For more smart design ideas, check out these out-of-the-box ideas for decorating synthetic grass.

Create Private Outdoor Spaces With an Artificial Grass Installation in Dallas, TX

Installing synthetic turf for privacy only takes a few hours or days, depending on the size of the site. You won’t have to wait long to make your lawn more private, especially if you leave the job to Dallas Artificial Grass Experts.

We use premium artificial grass for landscaping in all our projects. Let us know how you want your lawn to turn out and we’ll tell you exactly how we’ll get it done. Call us now at 408-317-0931 or send us a message online to get a free quote on your project!