Some Convincing Reasons for You to Switch to Artificial Turf for Your Residential Lawn

Homeowners who would like to keep up their home’s curb appeal put a lot of effort in keeping their properties well maintained. Sometimes, however, this can prove to be especially challenging particularly during so-called uncooperative seasons.

Fall and winter, in particular, tend to severely affect the appearance of the lawns and gardens, turning lawns dry and brown. The snow and frost covering the plants and grass also hinder them from getting the right amount of nutrition and sunlight to flourish.

Simply put, maintaining a lawn can cost you both time and money. Ideally, homeowners will want the perfect-looking lawn that requires little maintenance. Fortunately, this is made possible by artificial turf, which offers you a lot of benefits.


With artificial turf, you never have to worry about the ever-changing seasons. No matter what the climate is in your area, you can rest assured that your lawn or garden will remain green. At the very least, you won’t have to worry about mowing the lawn, trimming the grass, or patching up dry spots just to have a consistent appearance.

Energy Savings

The savings you can gain are manifold. For one, you save on water resources. Did you know that you need about an inch of water just to nourish a square foot of your lawn? This translates to over 6.2 gallons of water for every 100 square feet of lawn. This amount may also increase depending on how long you keep the sprinkler on.

Should you switch to artificial turf, however, you won’t need to spend as much water because you don’t have soil and grass to nourish. Of course you’ll still need to occasionally wash the turf to keep it clean, but most certainly it’s not going to require gallons of water to do the job, unlike what you will with all natural grass..

Apart from water, you’re also saving on electrical resources. You no longer need to use the lawnmower if the grass don’t grow and there are no weeds to pull out. Plus, you’re also doing a huge favor to the environment, as these lawnmowers, whether gas-run or electrical, have harmful emissions.

Another of the more common issues of maintaining natural lawns is the need to set aside some time to take care of it. This is not always possible, especially for those who have children and jobs to take care of. The only other recourse is to hire a professional to do the job, which in turn will mean additional costs for the household. These won’t be necessary if you switch to artificial grass.


If you have children or pets with you, this is easily one of the best things you can have in your yard to let them run and play around. Artificial turf is very durable and definitely safe for pets and kids. The softness of artificial turf is enough to cushion falls thereby reducing the chances of injury.

Muddy tracks inside your home, torn up grass leaving unsightly patches, and possibly even dangerous types of weed and disease-carrying pests that could put your pet at risk are all part and parcel of maintaining a natural lawn. These downsides won’t happen with artificial turf, though. All it takes is an occasional wash-down to cool it off and get rid of dust and particles. It can also withstand heavy running and playing, and is soft enough to lessen the risk of scratches and injuries.

Enjoy the cost-benefits and convenience benefits with one simple decision of making the switch from natural grass to artificial turf. A company like Dallas Artificial Grass Experts can help you get the right kind turf on your property.


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