Where Else Can You Use Dallas, TX Artificial Turf Besides the Backyard?

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Dallas TX artificial turf is now synonymous with beautiful, low-maintenance yards. You get the best parts of real grass without the hassle:

  • Never worry about bare spots or a brown lawn ever again – even in the summer
  • No mowing, seeding, watering, edging, weeding and fertilizing ever
  • No mud or dirt all over your home anymore
  • Lower water and yard maintenance bills
  • Less time on yard work, more time for actually enjoying your yard
  • Your lawn will always look green and well-manicured

Better yet, those benefits also apply beyond the backyard. Wondering where else you can use Dallas TX artificial grass around your home? Try it for your dog run, backyard putting green, mini playground for the kids and more!

4 Places You Can Use Artificial Grass Around Your Home

Unlike real grass, installers only have to cut and fit artificial grass— no waiting for it to grow.

As a result, there’s virtually no limit to where you can use synthetic turf. It can go over the floor, up an accent wall or in a basketweave pattern on a pathway, for instance.

Apart from their lawns, below are other parts of the house Dallas homeowners love using artificial grass for:

1. Around pools

First, artificial turf around pools gives it the look and feel of real grass without the chemicals, dirt and other downsides of real grass. It’s also non-slip, which also makes it the safer choice around pool areas.

2. Backyard putting greens

Next, golf fans and pros alike are bringing the game home with the help of artificial grass installation in Dallas, TX. You don’t have to settle for a boring, one-hole strip either. For example, you can have any feature you want on your backyard putting green, including sand traps, fringes, tee boxes, sod bunkers and rolling mounds.

3. Backyard dog runs

Synthetic turf for dogs also gives pet owners the best of both worlds. Dogs can enjoy a soft and comfortable play space, while their humans get a clean and forever green lawn. You can customize the area with agility courses, pup pools and other fun features without worrying about killing your grass or tracking mud all over the house.

4. Children’s playgrounds

Finally, artificial grass is now a popular choice for parents looking for a safer alternative to natural grass for their play areas. It’s more shock absorbent, hypoallergenic and doesn’t get slippery when wet. It’s cleaner too— say goodbye to grass stains and dirt all over the kids! Furthermore, synthetic turf can also handle the weight of heavy play equipment like swings.

Learn More about Artificial Grass for Dallas Homes

The bottom line is, Dallas TX artificial turf opens a world of possibilities for you and your home. We’d be happy to share more ideas about what you can do with turf! Call Dallas Artificial Grass Experts today at 469-224-5879, and we’ll also give you a FREE estimate.