Tips for Clean and Fur-Free Synthetic Grass for Dogs in Dallas

Synthetic grass for dogs in Dallas makes for the perfect petscape. But there is one inevitable wedge in this relationship: pet shedding.

Excessive pet hair has no place in your beautiful, green artificial yard. However, it’s not just an aesthetic issue. It can cause lawn drainage issues and worse, pose health risks to you and your pet. The good news is that a few simple steps can help you enjoy a fur-free, pet-friendly backyard.

Tips for Clean and Fur-Free Synthetic Grass for Dogs in Dallas

How to Keep Your Synthetic Grass Hair-Free

Pet shedding shouldn’t stop you from reaping the benefits of owning an artificial lawn. In fact, preventative maintenance is easy to apply. Read on to learn how to manage dog dander with a synthetic yard:

  • Choose Shorter Piles

    Before you choose luxuriously long or dense grass turf, discuss long-term upkeep with your installer first. Longer piles tend to complicate the job of cleaning after your pets.

    Dog hair is so lightweight that water can easily carry it deep within the turf’s inner layers. With shorter fibers, it’ll be easier to spot, pick up and throw away.

  • Use an Outdoor Vacuum or Leaf Blower

    There’s no way around it— you’ll eventually end up with some fur all over your artificial turf if you own a dog. But some tools simplify removal no matter how excessively they shed.

    To maintain synthetic grass for dogs in Dallas, use an outdoor vacuum or blower. Just make sure not to use a high setting, so it doesn’t dislodge the infill.

    For the rest of your grass, use a power broom. Its bristles can go deep within the turf layer and pull out clumps of hair. This thorough method will help you cover the entire yard quickly.

  • Clean Your Lawn Regularly

    The golden rule for cleaning after your pet’s hairy business is not to allow it to build up. Dander contaminates the inner layers of the turf and blocks the drainage system.

    Commit to a regular cleaning schedule so that your Dallas, TX artificial turf remains hair-free at all times. The more dogs you have at home, the more frequently you should do it. The molting season also triggers extra shedding, so take that into account, too!

  • Buy Quality Products and Hire Experienced Installers

    The top causes of excessive shedding are parasites, fungal growth and allergies. These come from moisture retention, which is a result of poor installation and low-quality products.

    Make sure you only hire trusted companies with products and services that meet industry standards. Not only will this lead to product satisfaction, but it will also keep your dog healthy and happy.

  • Groom Your Pets During Molting Season

    Shedding is a natural process that removes old and damaged hair. Dogs usually shed more in spring after the colder months.

    Unfortunately, this happens at the same time as the wet season. That’s why it’s so important to learn how to clean out fur before the rains hit.

    To avoid heavy clumping, pay extra attention to grooming your pet. Brushing carefully and dispose of the fur properly. You may want to avoid doing it outdoors as well, so that’s easier to gather and clean up.

Go Synthetic for a Pet-Friendly and Beautiful Lawn

Issues like shedding will happen whether you have a live or synthetic lawn. However, artificial grass makes it much easier to deal with. Contact Dallas Artificial Grass Experts at 469-224-5879 today so you’ll get your Dallas, TX artificial grass installation right the very first time!