Outstanding Qualities of Artificial Grass for Putting Greens in Dallas

Turn your yard into a recreational paradise with artificial grass putting greens in Dallas. They are the perfect solution for golf enthusiasts who want to hone their skills or just enjoy the sport without leaving their homes. Get the full game experience right in your own yard with a synthetic putting green!

Golf-Friendly Features of Synthetic Grass

Whether you want something to help you de-stress after a long day or an amenity to spend idle weekend time on, a premium artificial putting green is a great investment. Here are some of the reasons a putting green is ideal for your Texas home:

gold club

• Drought-resistant

Grass does not do well during dry seasons. Unless it’s watered at least twice a day, it will discolor, become brittle or die during droughts. Dallas, TX premium artificial grass does not need water to thrive, so it’ll stay in top condition during hot days. It is also made of UV-coated blades, which do not discolor or fade away when exposed to sunlight. Play games on a pristine, green course at any time of the year!

• Accurate surface for ball rolls

Artificial grass for putting greens is designed to imitate the ball roll quality of golf course grass. As a result, you’ll be able to relive the short game experience that actual club courses deliver. The turf accurately mimics ball roll with strategic turf heights and texture.

• Incredibly durable

Natural grass putting greens are susceptible to damage from golf clubs and traffic.

Wild swings can take off the turf. Meanwhile, foot and golf cart traffic can break grass blades and depress the ground. These are not a risk with synthetic turf. It can withstand heavy equipment, high impact and constant use without getting damaged. Artificial grass is also backed by a warranty that goes up to 15 years, so expect great games for years to come.

• User-Friendly

A personal green is a great place to bond with family and friends. Have a match with your mates, invite your golf friends over for a friendly competition or use it to teach your kids the game. Practice your putts and chips anytime you want with an artificial grass putting greens in Dallas!

• Versatile

You can install a synthetic putting green on yards of all shapes and sizes. Expert grass installers will cut the turf to accommodate the specific dimensions of your yard. This does not only allow you to install greens anywhere you want but also to get creative with the landscape design of your personal golf course.

Play to Your Heart’s Content with Our Awesome Greens!

Cut down on trips to the golf course and enjoy the full game experience with a personal putting green! Dallas Artificial Grass Experts can help you come up with the perfect installation for your home. Our synthetic grass has the following properties:

Non-toxic materials

100% permeable drainage

•  Resistant to foot traffic

•  Soft, cushioning infill

•  Up to 15 years warranty

•  And more!

We also specialize in other installation. Trust us with your project, whether it involves Dallas, TX artificial turf for your pet run or a gorgeous patio for your swimming pool. Fill out our contact form for more information, or call 469-224-5879 for a FREE quote!