Keep Your Putting Green Safe from Lawn Diseases with Dallas Artificial Turf

The last thing you want after getting your dream putting green is to deal with lawn disease. If it’s made of live grass, then you’re in for trouble.

For one thing, the hot and humid Texas weather makes it difficult to grow grass in the area. Worse, it can also encourage mold, mildew and other lawn diseases.

On the other hand, if your putting green is made of artificial turf in Dallas, then you have nothing to worry about. It offers the best way to get rid of lawn disease – not giving it a chance to infect your yard in the first place.

Keep Your Putting Green Safe from Lawn Diseases with Dallas Artificial Turf

Common Lawn Diseases Solved by Artificial Grass

You’ll never have to deal with the following grass diseases when you have Dallas synthetic turf:

    • Brown patch disease develops during fall and winter when it’s warm and humid. Circular, patchy light brown grass can overtake your whole backyard.


    • Take-all root rot occurs during the warm seasons like summer and spring. As its name indicates, it can kill your entire yard when you don’t water your lawn correctly. The excess moisture spreads fast and causes the grass and its roots to rot away.


    • Fairy rings often develop on maintained grasses in residential lawns, including putting greens, golf courses and parks.


    • Downy mildew causes grass blades to go yellow, with some browning on the tips. It favors shady, moist locations like you can find on live lawns.


    • Powdery mildew is a grayish-white fungus found on leaves and leaf sheaths.


    • Slime mold causes dark crusts to form on leaves and stems. It feeds on decaying organic matter like dead weeds and grass.


Dallas Synthetic Turf and Other Backyard Issues

Lawn diseases are not the only obstacles to fun and stress-free backyard golf. Artificial grass also resolves the following issues:

  • Poor Drainage

    Even light rain can quickly flood a natural lawn with poor drainage. This can render your putting green unplayable.

    In contrast, no amount of rain can flood a synthetic putting green. The porous backing is designed to drain gallons of water fast. The only thing you need to do is wait for the downpour to stop and you can play on a dry and puddle-free lawn once the skies clear up.

  • Uneven Slopes

    Before laying down your putting green, installers will prepare the area. This includes excavating rocks, cutting off roots, breaking up clods and leveling the ground. The only slopes and undulations left will be the ones you actually want on your green.

  • Excessive Maintenance

    Golf courses have an army of maintenance personnel to keep the grass perfect. With a backyard putting green, you don’t need any of that to keep your green in pristine condition. You can give away your lawnmower, remove watering the lawn from your schedule and forget about all other backyard chores.

    The most you’ll have to do is pick up any stray debris, rinse out dust and occasionally brush the turf. Play golf the rest of the time!

Keep Your Yard Looking Fresh with Artificial Grass!

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