Fun Artificial Turf Backyard Ideas Using Dallas, TX That Kids Will Love

Once children come along, your backyard becomes less of an ornamental landscape and more of a play area for cycling, making forts and ball games. However, this doesn’t mean you have to give up your dream lawn just to make kids happy. With the help of Dallas, TX artificial turf installers, you can transform your backyard into a kids’ wonderland that’s looks stunning, too!

Fun Backyard Ideas Using Dallas, TX Artificial Turf That Kids Will Love

Keep Artificial Turf natural

Kids have wild imaginations, which means there’s no urgent need to buy them tons of toys. Instead, cover your lawn with sturdy artificial grass and let their imagination fly. Kickstart the fun by creating play areas out of tree stumps and other natural materials that serve as seating areas or obstacle courses.

Install play equipment

If you’re completely renovating your synthetic landscape, consider incorporating kid-friendly ideas into the landscape design. For instance, add a slide, trampoline, bocce ball court or swings to create a mini park. Sandpits are another great addition, as are splash pools. Don’t worry about damaging Dallas, TX artificial grass. It can withstand all-day playtime and the weight of heavy playground equipment without breaking the fibers.

Design Quirky Paths

Kids go crazy for anything with wheels, including paving, decking and other hard surfaces on which they can rollerblade, scoot or cycle.

Standard patio or balcony are fine, but for those looking to elevate their outdoor living experience, consider the addition of exciting curved paths! Create a track that winds its way throughout your backyard, perfect for inspiring races and games around your outdoor kitchens and fire pit. To visually incorporate the track into the landscape, installers can outline them with turf and set the hardscape into various patterns.

Cover the whole yard with artificial grass

Nothing can beat Dallas, TX artificial turf for playing on. It provides a soft, gentle landing for practicing handstands and cartwheels, a place to sprawl or a pitch for sports games. Choose easy-maintenance and hardy plants and shrubs in the surrounding flower borders. They should be able to stand up to trampling and balls.

Create a Sensory Garden

Stimulate their senses by encouraging children to garden. For sight, grow bright blooms like sunflowers, nasturtiums, marigolds and Swiss chard for its multi-colored stems. Rattling seed heads and rustling grasses create wonderful sounds during quiet moments.

Expose them to a variety of textures using plants, such as the downy leaves of sage. For fun smells, add chocolate cosmos, curry plants, basil, lavender and other lovely-smelling plants.

There are two ways to incorporate live plants into artificial grass. One is by using plants and planters and another is by integrating them into the turf itself. If you prefer the latter, be sure to talk to your installers as early as possible so they can adjust the design plans of artificial grass installation in Dallas TX.

Make Your Children Fall in Love with the Artificial Turf Backyard

These are just a few of the many ways to make a kids’ paradise in the comfort of your yard. Our expert landscapers here at Dallas Artificial Grass Experts would love to share more ideas with you! Let’s talk about your project— call us today at 469-224-5879 to set up a consultation and get a free quote!