Easy Upkeep Guide for Artificial Grass Putting Greens in Dallas

On top of high-quality gameplay, an expertly installed artificial grass putting green in Dallas offers long-term benefits that the real thing can’t match. It is impervious to the elements, can take high foot traffic without getting damaged and stays lush and vibrant throughout the year. It also costs less to maintain. Keep your golf greens in top condition for up to 15 years or more by following this simple upkeep guide!

maintain artificial grass

How to Maintain a Putting Green Artificial Grass

While taking care of a synthetic putting green is not as demanding as maintaining a natural green, it does need some maintenance to stay in top shape. Essential artificial turf maintenance tasks include:

Removing leaves, branches and other debris from the green

Use a broom, stiff brush or plastic rake to sweep away light debris, such as fallen leaves. Pick up bulky waste by hand. If your green is huge, consider using a leaf blower to clean up the area in a short period.

Hosing the green down at least once every other week

While artificial grass putting greens in Dallas doesn’t need water to thrive, it does need rinsing occasionally. Hose yours regularly to get rid of dirt, dust, waste residues and other small debris. Employ a soap and water solution if you want to expel lingering odors or introduce a refreshing fragrance to the setup.

Brushing the green’s grass blades often to keep them standing straight

Artificial turf may get matted or curved over time, especially in the areas that get a ton of traffic and use. Use a medium- or soft-bristled brush to keep its blades upright. Don’t use one with metal bristles to avoid damaging the turf —brush toward the opposite direction of the synthetic fibers. You may want to schedule cleaning after backyard parties and other activities that involve a lot of foot traffic.

Factors that Affect Synthetic Grass Care

Removing debris, rinsing and brushing — how you do these tasks and how often they must be done may vary depending on:

The Location of the Putting Green

Indoor putting greens, particularly those located in places that shouldn’t get wet like the living room and basement, do not take well to hosing. You may either rinse them with care or use commercial turf cleaners to keep them in peak condition.

The Purpose of the Putting Green

Does your course double as a play space for your canine companions? Invest in synthetic grass for dogs in Dallas and make sure to use only pet-friendly cleaning solutions for upkeep.

The Season

If your synthetic putting greens are located outdoors, be it your backyard, balcony or rooftop, you need to factor in the current season to your upkeep practices:

During Spring: Let the sun melt your frozen turf. Once all the snow and ice are gone, rinse the area thoroughly. Implement essential upkeep tasks as necessary.

During Summer: Hose your green every day or every other day to control its surface temperature, especially if it gets direct sunlight. Don’t worry about the excess moisture; the turf’s proprietary drainage system will take care of it. Implement essential upkeep tasks as necessary.

During Fall: Don’t let fallen leaves accumulate on top of your Dallas, TX artificial grass. Otherwise, they may encourage mold, mildew and weed growth. Use a broom or leaf blower to get rid of them.

During Winter: There’s no problem with snow covering the synthetic turf, but if you want to shovel them off from the surface, be careful. If you hit the turf’s grass blades or base, you may cause irreparable damage.

Does your area experience rainy seasons? No problem! The humid temperatures and constant moisture won’t affect the consistency and performance of your turf. Just make sure to rinse off the area after rain to clean off dirt and other residues.

Invest in Top-Quality Synthetic Turf for Your Green

Aside from implementing comprehensive turf care chores, settle for nothing less than premium artificial putting green grass for years of top-quality gameplay. Talk to the most trusted turf suppliers to explore your options. Once you’ve chosen the perfect lawn for your green, let Dallas Artificial Grass Experts handle the job to guarantee excellent results! Call us at 469-224-5879 to get your project started.