Dogs and Their Owners Love Dallas Artificial Grass

Dogs need outdoor play to stay healthy. Unfortunately, this can wreak havoc on your garden and lawn. With artificial turf, however, you can have the perfect play area for your dogs without the mess and extra work required in keeping the turf looking attractive.

Artificial grass offers a great deal of benefits. Apart from being eco-friendly, it is also easy to maintain, which is crucial if you have pooches running around the house all the time. It has a unique drainage system that allows you to drain away urine and other waste products in minutes by simply hosing them off. Your dogs can roll on the grass, shed fur, and run around without leaving muddy paw prints on your floor. They won’t even catch grass clippings or harmful chemicals on their fur.

Why Choose Artificial Turf

Dog owners may wonder if artificial grass is a worthwhile investment. Aside from the above-mentioned perks, here are a few reasons why it can be the landscaping solution you need.

  • Artificial grass doesn’t show muddy and yellowed spots
  • Manure and other kinds of waste cannot discolor or stain the blades
  • Your dogs can’t dig holes in it
  • The base is non-toxic and drains water and urine well
  • It feels like real grass
  • It is suitable for residential and commercial grounds as well as parks, dog runs and kennels
  • It doesn’t attract fleas or other insects

Less Impact on the Environment

Lawns need to be fertilized every year and this could mean regular application of toxic pesticides and herbicides to keep insects and weeds at bay. Most of these chemicals stay on your lawn and about 60 percent runs off to the local water supply. Since artificial grass in Dallas cannot support insects, fleas and other pests usually migrate elsewhere. You no longer need pesticide because they won’t bother your grass anyway, and they won’t attack your dogs either.

Mowing requires the use of gasoline-powered machines. Aside from being costly, it also contributes to air pollution. While you can mow your grass manually, it will surely take time and effort to accomplish. Plus, you might have to deal with backache or strain afterwards.

Real grass consumes a lot of water. In areas like Dallas where water is almost completely scarce, watering lawns may seem a wasteful task. Unfortunately, statistics show that more than half of a household’s water usage is for gardens and a huge fraction of this flows down the gutter. With artificial grass, however, you can reduce cut down on water consumption and therefore save more money on lawn care.

Good Drainage

Modern artificial grass is designed with a highly efficient drainage system. Its base and backing are made to drain liquid fast. Whether you are hosing off dog urine or getting rid of excess rainwater, you can expect your artificial turf’s drainage system to deliver. The base material separates the grass from the ground, which is usually crushed stone. The backing, on the other hand, comes in porous and permeable designs so you can find the most suitable option for your lawn.

It Feels the Same or Better

There’s a plethora of artificial grass types and designs that you can choose from. The infill comes in a variety of colors and is non-toxic and safe for pets. Artificial grass also reduces odor and is very durable. It provides excellent cushion for rolling around or just sitting. You and your pets will never feel the prickles that come with natural lawn again.

Thatch is another option. It is natural and feels great on dog’s paws, but since it is natural, it needs to be replaced regularly. Rounded silica granules are another possibility. It has a smooth texture for paws, is very durable, and drains well. Another advantage is that it has an antimicrobial coating that helps protect you and your pets from diseases.

If you have a small patio or balcony and would like a patch of grass for your pet to enjoy, artificial grass is ideal. There is little to no upkeep needed and it gives the feeling of a garden. You have to beware of some undesirable features though. For instance, crumbled rubber may not be as ideal as its more natural counterparts, as it can overheat and make the area hot during the summer when it could burn your dog’s paws.

Choose the Right Blade

The blades of artificial grass come in a range of styles, too. The right blade will provide good drainage as well as underfoot comfort. Pet owners and professional dog trainers have found that a combination of the curly blades with the short straight blades works the best. It looks and feels natural.

Installing artificial grass may be the best decision you ever make for your pet. To ensure that it will last and serve its purpose well, however, you need to call in the right installers. Seek the help of professional companies like Dallas Artificial Grass Experts.


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