Does Dallas TX Artificial Grass Fade Under the Sun?

Our Texas summers are scorching hot and sunny. As a result, it’s nearly impossible to find natural turf grass that will stay green all year round without constant care and maintenance. Unless you go synthetic, that is. Dallas TX artificial grass not only looks like the real thing, but it will never dry out and turn brown. Worse, die due to changing weather conditions.

Dallas artificial grass fade

Will the sun make my Dallas artificial grass fade?

The short answer is no, artificial grass won’t fade or discolor under the sun.

In fact, high-quality artificial grass products in the Dallas area are designed to stay green throughout their lifetime, which is anywhere from 10 to 20 years.

Specifically, Dallas TX artificial turf is able to resist damage from direct exposure to sunlight because of special chemical coating. This coating is a UV stabilizer that prevents harmful UV rays from degrading the molecules in artificial grass. So it will remain as vibrant green for years. In fact, we’re so confident about this, color fastness is also included in our warranty!

In short, there’s nothing to worry about. Even the hottest Texas summer won’t be able to make your beautiful artificial lawn fade.

Heavy Storms Won’t Damage Artificial Grass in Dallas, TX

Natural grass may be thirsty, but storms (or particularly heavy rainfall) can easily kill it, too. Rain kills grass by saturating it and weakening the roots, especially if there is a lot of wind. If your backyard has poor drainage, it’s even more susceptible to water damage.

In contrast, Dallas TX artificial grass is engineered to make it as weather-resistant as possible. For instance, artificial grass has a drainage system which means it can handle standing water or heavy rainfall without becoming withered or soaked in the process.

As long as you’re synthetic lawn is installed with proper drainage, all that water will simply drain into the sub-base and out of your yard. This also means that there’s no mud to deal with after heavy rain.

Snow? Not a Problem for Synthetic Turf in Dallas Either!

We don’t get a lot of snow here in Dallas, but weather can be unpredictable (just ask the freak snowstorm we had in early 2021!)

So, it’s good to know that your artificial grass installation in Dallas is also resistant to frost, ice and freezing temperatures. The synthetic blades will naturally become coated in ice and snow, but that’s it.

Artificial grass fibers are specially designed to withstand these freezing conditions without breaking. You don’t need to winterize your synthetic lawn, either. Simply wait for warmer temperatures to melt all that ice and snow, watch it drain through the backing and your synthetic lawn is good to go.

Enjoy a Weather-Proof Backyard with Dallas TX Artificial Grass!

Artificial grass is a great option have green lawns but live in an area with harsh weather conditions like Texas. With synthetic turf, you can still enjoy a beautiful landscape without the worry of natural conditions like drought or heavy rains damaging your yard.

There are many more benefits that come from artificial grass installation and we’d love to help you! If you already know what type of project you want us to work on, then give us a call at 469-224-5879 or send us a quick message through our website form so we can begin planning right away.

Not sure what kind of project is right for you? We’ll be happy to answer any questions about designs, installation prices and timelines once you reach out to us as well. We look forward to hearing from you!