Can Dog Urine Damage Dallas TX Artificial Turf?

Dog urine is deadly for real grass. Most pet owners who have a natural lawn already know this. It’s one of the top reasons why dog owners come to us for Dallas TX artificial turf.

Quick answer: no, dog urine WILL NOT damage artificial turf grass. Let’s take a closer look.

artificial turf Dogs Safe from Lawn

Why does dog urine kill natural grass?

If your dog regularly goes potty in your backyard, then you may have noticed the grass going brown or outright dying in spots where they urinate the most.

This is due to the very high nitrogen content in pet urine. It quite literally burns the grass, which is why it’s also called “dog urine burn” or “lawn burn.”

Now, real grass loves nitrogen. In fact, this element is in most fertilizers. The problem is, there’s too much nitrogen plus salts in pet urine than natural grass lawns can handle.

Over time, this will eventually create brown, bare or dead spots in your lawn.

Preventing Dog Urine from Killing Grass is Notoriously Difficult

Short of not letting your dog urinates on your lawn, there’s not much you can do to prevent it for good. However, there are a few things that can help you manage it:

  • ● Water your lawn a lot.

    This will dilute the nitrogen and allow your lawn to recover. The downside? Expensive water bills and quite literally following your dog around with a garden hose to rinse out the area every single time they pee.

  • ● Let your grass grow high.

    This solution is more on the cosmetic side. Don’t want to see those ugly urine-burnt spots? Hide them. Let the grass grow higher than usual to cover the bare or dead areas. Of course, this causes several other issues, such as an overgrown yard and more hiding places for bugs and pests.

  • ● Re-sod and re-seed affected areas.

    You can always grow new grass on areas affected by urine burn. If you decide to go this route, however, be aware that you basically can’t stop. Make sure you’re ready to commit time, money and energy to the task because you’ll need to patch up your yard every few months.

  • ● Don’t let your dog pee in your backyard.

    Another option is taking your dog on a short walk every time they need to pee. Get them to urinate on the sidewalk or at the dog park if there’s a designated bathroom area.

    The problem with this is that it’s incredibly inconvenient. First, unless you stay at home all the time with nothing to do, it’s impractical to keep taking your dog out. Then there’s bad weather— ready to deal with all that mud every time they need to pee?

    In addition, some dogs simply can’t handle this change. For instance, puppies and senior dogs aren’t very good at holding their pee in and waiting for you to take them out onto the sidewalk or dog park.

Sounds like a headache? That’s because it is. As a result, many pet owners are resorting to artificial grass installation in Dallas TX as a solution.

How does Dallas TX artificial turf solve urine burn?

It’s simple: artificial turf is not alive, which means it’s 100% impervious to dog urine and its grass-killing nitrogen content.

In other words, your dog can pee all day, every single day on your synthetic lawn and it will stay green and vibrant.

How to clean dog urine off a Dallas synthetic lawn?

So, we’ve established that dog urine can never damage artificial lawn. But what do you do after your dog actually pees on synthetic turf? Here’s the complete clean-up process:

  • Let your dog pee in peace on your synthetic grass.
  • Rinse off the spot with water or mild soapy water, using laundry detergents, if you only wash it off every few days.
  • Done!

Switch to Dog-Friendly Artificial Grass in Dallas TX Today!

If pet owners having issues with your backyard, the problem is not your dog— it’s the grass. With artificial turf, you can focus on the joys of life with a dog instead of trying to fix your lawn.

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