Artificial Grass Dallas: The Ultimate Golfer’s Investment

If you’re an avid golfer, you know that the more time you spend on the golf course, the better your game will be. However, it can be difficult to find enough time for practice during busy days filled with work or family life.
Because of this, many leisure and pro golfers in North Texas are turning to artificial grass for Dallas putting greens to get in some extra practice at home.

Sounds like something you’d enjoy? Read on for more information about how Dallas TX artificial grass can help you improve not just your game, but your home, too!

backyard artificial putting green

Tired of waiting for your turn on the golf course?

If you’re looking into getting a backyard putting green, then you probably are.

Just because you’re at the golf course doesn’t mean you can actually play golf.

There are days when it seems like you spend more time waiting around than actually practicing. With a home putting green, you can play whenever you want, as long as you like!

For example, got a spare 30 minutes between meetings or done driving the kids around for the day?

You can head out to your backyard putting green and do a few practice strokes or putt while you wait for dinner. That’s enough to keep your skills sharp!

More Benefits of Dallas Synthetic Grass for Golfers

Synthetic Turf is Safe for Pets and Kids

While you’re enjoying your sport, you want to make sure your kids and pets are safe when they go join you in the yard.

artificial putting greens

Artificial turf significantly reduces the hazards you’ll usually find in natural grass. For instance, sharp rocks and other debris on a natural lawn can injure children if they run around barefoot.

Also, the chemicals used in fertilizers and pesticides can be extremely toxic to your pets or kids when ingested or even just touched with their hands.

In contrast, artificial turf is:

  • Non toxic
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Doesn’t need toxic chemical treatments like pesticides
  • Artificial grass surfaces are always perfectly even, so there’s no overgrowth to trip over or get hurt in
  • No pests, weeds or bacteria-filled mud on synthetic grass lawns

In other words, you don’t have to worry about your pets and children on artificial grass.

Caring for Artificial Grass is Ridiculously Easy

When you say goodbye to your natural lawn, don’t forget to bid farewell to all the lawn maintenance that comes with it!

garden rake on artificial turf

For many Dallas homeowners, that’s a big part of making the switch. And for good reason too, because caring for artificial grass is going to make you feel like you’ve traded way up!

For example, think about all the time you’ve wasted mowing, weeding and watering natural turf grass – over and over and over again. Now think about how much of that goes away when artificial grass takes its place (hint: ALL OF IT!)

Additionally, you’re going to save a ton on water bills because synthetic turf installation is 100% drought-tolerant. This means less water consumption = more savings for you.

And if saving money isn’t enough, think about how much time you’ll save after installing artificial grass.

Instead of spending one or two weekends a month doing yard work, you’re going to have so much more free time for things you actually enjoy.

Think BBQ parties, playing games in the yard or firing up some friendly competition with a backyard putting tournament!

Artificial Grass Is Beautiful and Customizable

From the day of artificial turf installation up to many years later, a synthetic lawn will always look lush, green and perfectly manicured.

Furthermore, artificial putting greens can be customized to look and feel like most types of real grass, whether you’re looking for something completely natural or a specific type that is unique to your favorite course.

side yard artificial putting green

Want a uniformly green artificial lawn? Maybe you like the visual texture of thatching or you’re looking for several shades of green for your artificial grass installation in Dallas TX. You have so many options when it comes to artificial grass!

Ask Us Anything About Artificial Grass in Dallas!

If you’re looking for a fun and exciting way to add life into your home or if you want to improve your game without worrying about time or green fees, then installing synthetic putting greens might be exactly what you need!

At Dallas Artificial Grass Experts, we’d be happy to work with you on everything from design advice to installation so we can bring your vision to life.

Got more questions about synthetic grass? For instance, are you wondering how much putting greens cost? Want to know how long synthetic turf really lasts?

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